The inadvertent joys of Assembly

February 9, 2013 in General, International, School

Now reader, as you may remember from earlier posts, I attend a school which has religious assemblies (Presbyterian) twice a week. Prayers are said, Hymns are sung, and a resounding/sanctimonious lesson is given by a chaplain. Needless to say that I don’t participate in this. I haven’t pretended to pray in assembly for four years now, and have refused to sing the hymns for two years. This means that, during these half hour assemblies, I have a few minutes where nobody pays any attention to what I’m doing, so I think. I have come to look forward to these little philosophical interludes, where I think on my writing, reading matter, or anything that comes to mind. I have also found a pocket edition of 1984, which I surreptitiously dip into at times, a’la Hitchens, finding the similarities between the Chaplain’s speech and that novel’s rallies rather entertaining. Based on my relationship with my school, these sessions do wonders for stress relief, and also provide a valuable forum for self reflection. And if I am asked why I don’t sing or pray in assembly, I reply that if I was in a synagogue of a mosque, I wouldn’t participate in ceremonies, so why participate in a Christian ceremony, just because it’s what everybody else is doing? For those of you who are in a similar predicament, if you can, disengage in assembly, and you’ll find that the mornings become a lot better.

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