Sunday Commentary: Masculinism, Part 1 – by Godless Teen

February 10, 2013 in General, Law, Morality, Sunday Commentary

I’ve been an observer of this new “movement” known as masculinism this week. It’s practically the mirror of feminism, just that it advocates equal rights for… Men. Because men, they’re the real victims.

One particular posting I saw by the Facebook page blogger “Quin” bothered me. Here’s how it went:

You’re right. Men don’t need rights.

It’s not like their rapes are societally and legally ignored even more than women’s are, to the extent that the FBI doesn’t recognize Rape by Envelopment as rape. It’s not like male rape, especially in prison, is often considered a joke in the West, and men can be tried for homosexuality if they admit they were raped by other men in certain parts of the world. It’s not like there’s bias in the courts against them, such as longer sentences and more convictions, and in court cases it’s nearly impossible for a divorcing dad to get their kids away from an unfit mother. It’s not like in France, it is illegal for fathers to get a paternity test at risk of a 15,000 Euro fine and a maximum of a year in jail. It’s not like mandatory Selective Service in the US is still legal, and the gov’t could start a draft on Monday and start conscripting men – and only men, despite women being allowed in combat. It’s not like laws and policies about domestic abuse basically amount to “assume the man is the bad guy”, meaning that male abuse victims find it nearly impossible to get their female partner arrested, regardless of damage. It’s not like the vast majority of DV shelters exclude men, despite multiple studies finding women initiate abuse at equal or greater rates than men (literally hundreds of them). It’s not like lawyers tell men that they can’t leave the house to get away from an abusive female partner if they plan to divorce her, because the judge will use it as evidence of him “abandoning” the kids (but not vice versa). It’s not like society tells men to suppress their pain, to risk and sacrifice their lives to support and protect their family, and make up the majority of suicide victims and the majority of workplace injuries. It’s not like the UK says it’s only legally rape when men do it, including when the victim is under 13. It’s not like the vast majority of victims of violence throughout history, both in and out of war, have been men, often being forced to fight and die in wars by law or force or both.



It is like that.

But those are all “petty annoyances”, right?

I do find it interesting, Noelle, how you don’t say MRAs are wrong, but that they “shouldn’t exist”. That the existence of a movement that thinks men are oppressed in any significant degree and works to end it shouldn’t exist. That these people who disagree with you shouldn’t exist, and should be silenced with all due haste. Not shown to be wrong, or publicly exposed as wrong, but just trolled and drowned out.

And I wonder what you, and your lot, are so afraid of people learning.

-realmfighter on tumblr

Let’s take this apart one piece at a time.

…to the extent that the FBI doesn’t recognize Rape by Envelopment as rape.

One of the things that bugs me about this movement is that, yeah, they have legitimate points- it’s just that they bare almost no grounding in the real world. While I was surfing the internet, I found one woman in particular had quite a nice response to this kind of claim:

I care very much about male victims. What I don’t care for is the conflating of statistics, and constant “whatabouthtemnz” on women’s forums where they are discussing the very real, global problem of male violence towards women, which is not *quantitatively* equal to female on male violence.

Let’s be clear: when a man and woman run into each other late at night in a dark parking garage, the woman has a lot more reason to be afraid. I am sick of all the MRA’s who literally deny that reality, stating the man should be more afraid because…because…the woman, who is, say 5’4″ and 112 pounds will overpower him, throw him to the ground, drug him, hogtie him, force-feed him Viagra, stimulate his penis until erect, force herself onto him until he is torn and bloody, and leave him with a few broken ribs and black eyes.

For the man who has experienced ANY version of “envelopment rape,” which appears to be the crux of the latest MRA outcry of victimhood, I have all the empathy in the world. But please do not say this happens to men AS MUCH as rape happens to women, all around the world. It is patently ridiculous.

If you DO feel men are rampantly raped, step away from your keyboard, march, protest, and raise money for your own safe shelters…just as women did. Stop asking “where can we go to be safe from women.” Build it YOURSELVES.

I completely agree. Is it horrible? Yeah, it is. But to act like it’s even close to as significant an issue as female rape is is… Insane. It just doesn’t make sense, and the statistics reflect this.

It’s not like male rape, especially in prison, is often considered a joke in the West…

This isn’t so much a violation of human rights as it is an refusal to accept the fact that, since people are granted ownership of their minds and ideas, they are allowed to make jokes about prison rape. Is it stupid? Yeah. Is it irrational? Yeah. Is it a violation of human rights? No.

Not to mention: the government has taken the issue seriously. For one thing, they released the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 in an attempt to reduce prison rape, for one thing. Also, another study showed that, as a matter of fact, prison rape is yet another rather rare event.

…and men can be tried for homosexuality if they admit they were raped by other men in certain parts of the world. [my emphasis added]

You know, I don’t doubt that. In fact, I don’t doubt that for a second. But, you know, I thought this was a movement to establish male rights in the US, not in the Middle East for crying out loud. The many theocracies in the Middle East violate human rights in many, many ways. Assuming that Quin’s above claim is true, it’s still one of a great deal of ethical issues that we face when confronting the Middle Eastern theocracies and dictatorships.

Not to mention, we could always talk about women’s rights violations in certain areas of the world

That’s all I’ve got time for today, folks. I’ll check back in tomorrow to rebut more of Quin’s claims.

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