Update on the SSA club – by Godless Teen

January 13, 2013 in General, School

I know. I haven’t written anything about the Secular Student Alliance club that I’ve been trying to start at my school for a very, very long time. So, here’s the deal:

I started out quite enthusiastic for the group. After a while, however, the work required to start it became very tedious, and, for a period of time, I wasn’t going to follow through with it. However, I have since found a few other atheists and agnostics throughout my school, and the club’s begun picking up some real momentum. Right now, the only thing that’s really blocking us is- as often is, with these kinds of clubs- the fact that we don’t have a teacher sponsor for the club. I emailed one particular lady at my school, who I was told could very well be interested in supervising the club. However, I emailed her last Wednesday or so, and I have yet to get a response from her.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to supervise the club, necessarily. I’ve emailed many teachers in the past, never getting a response from them, only to find out that my email was buried on an elephant’s load of other emails.

That said, the school administration, up to this point, has been very friendly towards the group, and hasn’t been (to the extent of my knowledge) trying to interfere with my work, in spite of certain problems I had with them earlier in the school year.

More updates to come.

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  1. Continue fighting and good luck.

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