January 3, 2013 in International, Politics

As some of you may be aware, Scotland is having an independence referendum in a few years (unfortunately.) Now, most of the dangers of independence revolve around the economy and Europe, but there are two spectres that the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) seem to be skirting around. The first is racism, the second is sectarianism.

While the SNP themselves do not officially espouse anti English sentiment, there are wings of their supporters (who I have had the misfortune to encounter) who are specifically against England and the English (in fact, in my experience, anyone who is not White, Protestant and Scottish.) Despite being half Scottish, and having lived in Scotland for eight years, I have found myself losing my confidence in Scotland, as its culture and politics slowly becomes hijacked by rabid nationalists, who are too blinded by their own goals to realise the damage they are doing.

Sectarianism has always been a problem in Britain, although more so in Northern Ireland and Scotland than anywhere else. Sectarianism in Scotland is particularly concentrated in the West of Scotland, with Irish Catholics and Scottish Protestants slugging it out for the past 150 years. This division even extends into soccer, where people identify their team based on their religion, and games have to be played under close police watch, even having to be cancelled in some instances. Sectarianism has softened in the past few years, but the SNP have been specifically targeting areas of the West where they hope to cash in on old divisions, and thus gain votes. Unfortunately, they may find that, should they win independence, these divisions will be too far gone to fix, and Scotland will then have to deal with a violent and bigoted spectre, such as the one that raised itself in Northern Ireland.


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  1. Rabid nationalism is the result of politicians and media failing to debate the problems of uncontrolled immigration and loss of sovereignty to the European Union. So long as these topics remain off limits, they will remain the purview of “rabid nationalists”. Censorship breeds fascists, ironically. Identity and sovereignty matter to people, and no amount of liberal one-world optimism will make these issues go away. The Western world is increasingly approaching an irreconcilable divide between nationalists and globalists. Politics will not be for the faint of heart in the future. It will be bitter and ugly. Human nature is not infinitely malleable, it is ethnocentric. Always has been, always will be.

  2. Hey Ted. First of all thanks for commenting, it’s great to get debate going. Identity and sovereignty does matter to me, but I simply believe that the way nationalism is being treated in Scotland is hugely detrimental to Britain as a whole. From the language of your comment, I would assume that you are yourself British, and as such have a personal investment in the issues being discussed. Nationalism and globalism do not have to be opposed, as you seem to believe. On the contrary, keeping national character and culture in a globalism world are incredibly valuable. However, national cultures do not remain the same. If we cling onto a perception of a nation, then we will be swept away by time. Only by adapting to a global world can we survive, and this is something you seem to be unprepared to do. I look forward to your reply.

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