I’m goin’ to camp! – by Katniss Skepticteen

January 14, 2013 in skepticamp

No, I’m not talking about your sit-around-the-campfire, sing-corny-songs-with-the-leader, don’t-eat-too-many-s’mores sort of camp. I’m talking about SkeptiCamp!

That’s right: Godless Teen, Homer and I will be spending a day among other skeptics to discuss real, hard-core science, and, of course, the stark contrast between that and, well, religion. And I’m signed up to speak there!

If you happen to live nearby Phoenix (Arizona, US), Victoria (Australia), Fort Collins (Colorado, US), Ottawa (Ontario, Canada), Chicago (Illinois, US), or Denver (Colorado, US), or can hitch a ride to one of these locations, you should definitely consider attending attend! In fact, you can even arrange your own official meeting, if none of these places work well. According to the website, “anyone can organize an event and participate.” Some camp venues are still recruiting potential speakers, but you don’t have to present to go.

Anyways, that’s my endorsing spiel of excitement for the day! For those of you who have read my previous posts, I’m sure you know that, in addition to the learning experience and opportunity to speak, I am just really looking forward to interacting with some more relatable people (outside of my family, of course) for once…

Let me know if you’re going, and comment any ideas for my presentation topic! Here is my current list of possibilities:

  • Life as a godless teen
  • The evolution of atheism/agnosticism
  • Something dealing with science itself (ex: biology or astronomy)

What do you think?


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