Sunday Commentary: Connecticut Shooting – By Godless Teen

December 16, 2012 in General, Politics, Sunday Commentary

Unless you’ve been literally living under a rock, got lost in the third realm of magic, or were eaten by a dragon, you’ve heard of the school shooting in Connecticut by this point. Now, the majority of people I saw commenting about the tragic event have made it out to be just that, by this point- a tragic event. However, as always, we also had people, on both ends of the spectrum, who made themselves just look flat-out horrible in what they said about the event. So, let’s get started: I’ll name some religious and nonreligious people and groups, and talk about what they said about the Connecticut shooting.

The Religious

The Bad

[W]e tell God to get out of our government, get out of our schools, get out of our televisions, and then when something bad happens someone on tv always asks “how could God let this happen?”. there was a time in this country when these things didnt happen.  The first thing the American Congress ever did once assembled was share a 2 hour prayer. If only we had a Congress like that today. – (From a commentor on AiG’s Facebook page)


Well, yeah, there was a time when these things didn’t happen- when we didn’t have fully automatic guns that could fire six rounds per second. But that aside, we also don’t have revolutionary wars that murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans. This is just a completely ridiculous claim that theists commonly make to try and support their arguments. They look at individual murders, and then blame it on taking their god out of schools, and on atheism. Of course, their isn’t any actual evidence for this claim…

… And these people are just opportunists looking for tragic events to happen to use to their advantage. Disgusting.

The Horrible

“Don’t dishonor people by making this a political thing, have some class and think before you post.”

“—–, this is a political thing because not only did the WH not honor God on Thanksgiving, the White House will have or has made a statement concerning the event.  —– said he longs for a better God fearing gov’t and he wouldn’t have posted like he had if he didn’t wish the victim’s family well.” (a commentor on AiG’s Facebook page)

Ok, first, +1 to the lady who wrote about having class. Something that some of the other commentors didn’t have.


Of course, I could mention that Obama is a Christian, but, you know, whatever… It’s so bad that there’s even a page on Wikipedia about conspiracy theories about his religion, apparently.

Let’s look at this one article that goes into painstaking detail about how Obama didn’t thank God during Thanksgiving. One of the comments on this page was

Why do we expect the Godless to thank God?  Obama is as Godless as they come.

… I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

It seems like the person beforehand blames the fact that they didn’t honor god for Thanksgiving for the murder. If that’s the case, God must be a really, really evil god; he’d kill children because a politician didn’t thank him for a holiday like Thanksgiving? What next? Will he burn me at the stake for not thanking him on my birthday?

Secondly, what’s with all the concern, all the time, specifically with Obama? Obama is practically the reverse of God:

Whenever something good happens, people thank God for letting it happen.

Whenever something bad happens, people blame Obama for making it happen.

Man, I always knew there was something suspicious about the way the name “Obama” sounds like “Satan”.

But, anyhow, what about Congress? Don’t they ever get any blame? No, no, it’s always the Democratic liberal communist by the codename of “Barack Obama”.

I’m so sick of these people talking about how taking God out of government makes “bad things” happen. It doesn’t make any sense- it’s completely implausible- and it’s based on no evidence whatsoever.

*sigh* this is frustrating.

The Dead-Awful, Hideous, Even-A-Mother-Wouldn’t-Love-This-Level-Of-Ugliness Comment

This just leaves me speechless in how awful it is. That’s all I’m going to say.

The Atheists

That’s right, atheists, some of you had some crap to say too… Probably not as bad as what I saw from the religious, but still rather… Annoying.

The Bad

Literally everything on the news is about the school shooting. Yeah, I get it.. it’s a huge tragedy. So is what’s going on in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, most of Africa, or how about North Korea launching a satellite into orbit, suggesting that they plan on starting a nuclear war pretty soon. And much more. But I don’t get why the world has to stop to mourn the wrongful deaths of 26 people when well 10,000 children wrongfully die due to starvation and unclean water every day. But we don’t care about them because they don’t live in the US! Oh wait, they do..? Well, this is awkward.. Poverty rates are through the roof. People are dying. Nobody cares. And this shit happens and everyone’s fucking all over the place. They’ll probably even hold some sort of charity run or something for aid, which is cool. But I fucking hate the media for having its priorities skewed towards making money off of 1st world tragedies versus showing people the world’s true colors. -Jessie Marzella. (From Satan’s FB page)
Ok, let’s get things straight.
Many of us do care about Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan, etc, etc. That’s a fact.
Many of us do care about death by poverty and starvation. That’s a fact, too.
So, what seperates this event from those ones?
Well, in one scenario, we’re talking about an event that occurs every day; it’s not shocking news. Is it saddening? Yes. However, there’s little to nothing we can do about it; the event isn’t exactly rare. On the other hand, with the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, there are plenty of characteristics that set apart this event from others:
  • First and foremost, it occured in a first-world country that is generally safer than other countries in Africa, Asia, etc.
  • It happened in an elementary school. One of the things that made the Aurora shooting such big news was the fact that it occured in a movie theater, in a place we go to to enjoy ourselves and have fun, not to worry about massacres. The elementary school shooting, IMO, was a very similar environment. We find our schools to be a safe place for innocent kids to learn; to see that that’s not the case is, for many people, shocking. Especially for an elementary school, where no motive for the killing was apparent, and these kids were particularly innocent; and, to boot, the fact that the event occured so soon before a very popular holiday in America.

So, yeah, I understand that the events in Africa, Afghanistan, etc. are just as tragic. The thing is, though, the media outburst is the result of an extremely rare event occuring; that’s the source of the shock and the coverage, not just that the event was a tragic one.

The Absolutely Terrible

Theists think that the school shooting logically occurred because we don’t force kids to pray there anymore. God apparently only protects innocent children that pray to him daily.

I hope no shootings occur in a church any time soon. Because then they’d have to admit that god was there (unlike in schools) but still didn’t protect them.

I guess they forget about child molestation in churches… god let’s that one slide I suppose.

Silly theists… logic is for the adults. (from Atheism Resource)

Now, maybe I’m getting something wrong here… But seriously: did the writer just imply that he or she hopes to see a shooting in a church soon? Because that’s sure what it sounds like.

This person is implying that it would be a boon for the atheists to see a shooting happen in a church, and thus seems to also imply that we should hope to see such a shooting occur.

Seriously, no f*****g way. I would never, ever allow somebody to die like that just to see the atheist movement roll onwards.

The last part is also painful to read. It’s extremely stereotypical, and rather snobbish.

*sigh* but that’s just how the cards are dealt, I suppose.

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