Atheist and Triskaidekaphobic? I don’t think so – by Katniss Skepticteen

December 27, 2012 in Media


With 2013 rapidly approaching, triskaidekaphobia is rising to a peak. “Beware the unlucky number, thirteen!” Everybody fears it, of course! I honestly wouldn’t even be surprised to hear of another doomsday prediction. But we atheists have nothing to fear (although I’m pretty sure that most of us aren’t very superstitious people). In fact, according to a report in The Economist by Edward Lucas, secularism is projected to gain more percentage points on the charts throughout the new year – and the future.

Beyond percentages and statistics, the minds of especially the younger generations will begin to question more and more, to cause a significant loss in the prevalence of Christianity, including the Catholic and Anglican churches. And despite the fact that, once again, I am not astonished at the prediction, this is exciting! In addition, the article mentions progress in legalizing gay/lesbian marriage. “The churches will have lost the battle over gay marriage,” starting with Britain. This…this is all improvement.

Look, just as I don’t want any religious person trying to prosthelytize me, I’m not going to force anyone to become any atheist, or to support legalizing same-sex marriage. But I will always encourage thinking with an open mind and heart, and to know that some of this effort is occurring naturally is great. While some might be afraid to enter the new year, I’m eager to see us change and grow.

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