Presenting Richard Dawkins – By Godless Teen

October 29, 2012 in Books, General, School

I mentioned a while back that Richard Dawkins was coming to my school to talk about his book The Magic of Reality.

He did. And it was awesome.

His talk consisted of a speech about his book, a Q&A session, a book signing, and then a reception. I got my copy of The Magic of Reality signed by Dawkins, got the chance to invite a few friends to come and see Dawkins talk, and even got a few devout Christians to come to the event as well. :P

But that’s not all.


I got the chance to introduce both Dawkins and Sean Faircloth (author of Attack of the Theocrats, who also spoke at the event). It was the first time I had ever spoken (even if for only about a minute) in front of such a large crowd. There were hundreds of people crowding the theater: military, students, teachers, parents, people that had only heard of the event the day before… It was great. But the fact that I managed to walk up in front of the crowd, crack a little joke or two, and introduce two incredibly cool people without totally breaking down into a shivering, sweating, nervous wreck… That was the best part for me. A year ago- heck, even a few months ago- I would’ve been an utter failure up on the stand. But this time, I actually did ok. And that was fantastic.

It’s awesome that I got to introduce these two great people to the stage. I loved going up there for my sixty seconds in the spotlight, and look forward to doing a lot of other public speaking in the future.

Oh, and for those of you who won’t believe me, here’s Dawkins, my father, and I at my school after the event:

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  1. Good job! You make me happy, seeing a young man willing and able to take a stand based upon your thinking.

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