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September 30, 2012 in Fun, General

I’m in a good mood for writing today.

About a month ago, the game “Guild Wars 2” came out. At first, I wasn’t going to buy it. I heard about it from JT Eberhard’s site, WWJTD, when he gave a great review of the game. It looked addicting, but I wasn’t planning on getting it. Then, JT came up with the idea of creating a group specifically for the godless in the game (groups are referred to as “guilds”), which has since grown to a few hundred members (if I remember correctly). Still, I resisted the temptation. Finally, the game came out, and, somewhere, among viewing various blog posts and joining the Godless Guild on Facebook, I caved in. Pretty soon, I got the game, and, despite some early technical difficulties, I’ve been having a blast playing it. It wasn’t until yesterday, though, that I finally joined the guild in-game. Since then, I’ve been having a decent time in it, even as a lowly member. :P

If you have the game, you should definitely join the guild. It looks like a ton of fun, so far. :D

Or, if you’re looking for a good MMORPG, you should definitely get the game.

Godless Guild Website: http://godless.guildlaunch.com/

JT Eberhard’s review of Guild Wars 2: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/wwjtd/2012/06/guild-wars-2-review-blogathon-2049/

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